Maison de l'Email


The Maison de l'Email de Morez maintains and develops a unique know-how through:

- Welcoming professional enamellers and seasoned amateurs in its vast workshops.
- The organization of professional internships (Datadock-labeled training center).
- The organization of introductory courses (enamelling on steel, cloisonné on copper).
- The establishment of year-round courses for amateurs on Friday evenings at 6.30 p.m.
- The realization of specific orders of enamelling on metals all techniques (plates, objects, photos, serigraphy, prototypes ...).

For nearly twenty years the Maison de l'Email, an association under the 1901 law, has been working to maintain and develop the metal enamelling activity in Morez.
Thanks to the support of the municipality, 400 people, amateurs, craftsmen and enamel artists are federated by the Maisons de l'Email. The premises are thus occasionally used by people from all over France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain ...
Since June 2019, three enamel craftsmen have moved into the workshops created in a space in the Maison de l'Email that we have set up for this purpose.

Free guided tours by reservation.

Enamel Demos Exhibition

3rd edition of the Émaux Demo tour, an enamelled art exhibition on metal.

This unique city tour invites you to contemplate the works in enamel on metal. An original discovery of this traditional Morézien know-how.

The theme for this year 2021 is the color BLUE.

The works can be seen in the vacant windows of Morez.

This event recalls the importance of enamel on metals in the past and future development of the city of Morez - Hauts de Bienne. The reintroduction of enamel in the streets of the city also contributes to the revitalization of the town center of Morez while promoting the activities of the Maison de l'Enamel (culture, heritage, economy, training).

Free access course

Free guided tours by appointment for groups and individuals

Leaflet also available at the Tourist Office

Enamel in Morez

Enamelling in Morez consists of coating a metal surface with a vitrified substance.

The establishment of the enamel business in the canton of Morez dates back to the middle of the 18th century after a Swiss dial enameller, requested by the city's watchmakers, moved there. Local artisans, familiar with metalworking, diversify their activities by first working on the manufacture of enamel dials. In 1935, nearly 400 enamellers made the economic heart of Morez beat faster. Street number plates, road signs, cemetery cores, signage for the SNCF and the Paris metro, and many other things, are all Morézian specialties.

Today Morez enamel can be used by architects, designers, manufacturers, local communities or artists.


199 bis rue de la République

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