Fêtes de village, soirées fondue, brocantes, concerts... des animations tout au long de l'année. Le Haut Jura : un territoire "haut en couleur" pour le bonheur des petits et des grands!


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Exposition : "les chemins de la contrebande"


Come and discover, during the opening hours of the ecomuseum, our exhibition "les chemins de la contrebande". A look back at the practice of smuggling along the French-Swiss border from the 18th century to the present day. Smuggling is a real social fact and has marked the customs of several...

Exposition : "Le grand hiver"


Le Grand Hiver is a sound exhibition which is part of the network "Espaces et Temps de la Neige" of the Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Jura. The words of the inhabitants of the village and the Haut-Jura, a journey through time and texts by authors. Snow, cold and wind combine in a changing scenario...


Exposition de LEGO

MOIRANS-EN-MONTAGNE | From 04 Feb To 31 Dec

Come and discover the LEGO diorama on the theme of "steampunk" installed by the association LUG'EST. The exhibition reflects a futuristic life invested in the past, a mixture of avant-garde vision mixed with an old Victorian style. Thus, 17 m3 of LEGO®, 700,000 pieces and about 1,000 figurines...

Exposition de la Taillerie : l'aigue marine


EXHIBITION at La Taillerie! Until spring 2024, Valérie will be presenting aquamarine and all its shades of blue, as well as the opportunity to come and admire the incredibly blue santa maria variety!


Exposition : " Morez 1900 "

HAUTS DE BIENNE | From 03 May To 07 Jan

Discover the Morez of the early 20th century. 100 years earlier, Pierre-Hyacinthe Cazeaux made the first French eyeglass. More than ever, the town shines in the eyes of the whole world. Relive the golden age of the French eyewear capital, whose strong image of an industrial city makes us forget...

Exposition : Salvatore Bonano à l'Atelier d'Art Domestique

HAUTS DE BIENNE | From 25 Nov To 20 Jan

Exhibition: Salvatore Bonano at the Atelier d'Art Domestique Salvatore is a painter from Geneva living in Lausanne. He defines his painting as lyrical abstraction, abstract expressionism or act painting. His paintings take us far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, providing a soothing...

Exposition : Marc Barrel à l'Atelier d'Art domestique

HAUTS DE BIENNE | From 25 Nov To 27 Jan

Exhibition: Marc Barrel Gille Deleuze once said that the philosopher builds concepts and the artist percepts. This perspective applies perfectly to Marc's painting, which, like a repetitive obsession, produces the effect of a Pharmakon: it is both medicine and poison. Once you've tasted it, you...

Marché hebdomadaire


On wednesday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm Place : Place du Crêtet (center of the village)

Stand up and down


VALENTIN CLERC / Theatre Inspired by his idol Robin Williams, and his lifelong friend turned photographer, actor Valentin Clerc transcends photography, which speaks beyond words, to express on stage the behind-the-scenes stories of acting life, its ups and downs, and friendship. After 'Le mariage...

Visite guidée à la fruitière du Pays Grandvallier


Every Thursday morning, the Fruitière du Pays Grandvallier offers you a guided tour of the history and production of Comté cheese. Tour departs at 9.30 am, duration 30 min. Bookings must be made with the tourist office on 03 84 60 15 25 before Wednesday lunchtime. Price: €4 per adult 2€ per...