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In the heart of the Haut-Jura, in the historic centre of the lapidary and diamond trade, Valérie welcomes you to her shop in Bellefontaine to help you discover the world of precious and fine stones.

In 1988, Gilbert Duraffourg, an artisan lapidary and diamond cutter, set up his workshop, La Taillerie, which Valérie took over in 2010. With a basic knowledge of stone-cutting acquired from her father, who didn't want to pass on his skills to her, she went on to learn the gemmologist's trade. Valérie holds an international diploma from the prestigious Gem-A, and stones hold no secrets for her.
She will be able to advise you on the purchase of a gem depending on what you are looking for: creation of a jewel, investment, collection, search for a colour, a shape, a specific stone, etc ... A wide choice of unmounted stones to discover in the shop, and many stones available on request thanks to a worldwide network of contacts.

She has also forged partnerships with French jewellers to offer unique, made-to-measure creations. Come and design, imagine, transform or create a piece of jewellery in your own image. Some of the jewels are on display in the shop to give you ideas, and some of the creations are on sale in the shop or on the website.

The world of stones is a vast and wide-ranging field, and Valérie is on hand to answer any questions you may have about a stone, the profession, a colour, the ethics of gems, a country, a geopolitical context, and so on. What's more, each year she highlights a particular stone to give a precise presentation of its characteristics and specific features.

Annual temporary exhibition: aquamarine
Until spring 2024, Valérie invites you to come and discover aquamarine and all its shades of blue, and to admire the incredibly blue santa maria variety.

Advice and guide to precious and semi-precious stones
Valérie's advice: how to preserve and clean your jewellery, tips for making new jewellery with your old gold...
The guide to precious and semi-precious stones


161 route de la Chaux Mourant

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