La Ligne des Hirondelles



This particular railroad goes through the Jura from North to South, starting in Dole and going to Saint-Claude.
All along its 123km you will discover the variety of the Jura landscapes as long as viaducts and tunnels, art pieces which are symbols of a technical wizardry and a true testimony of a human adventure from the beginning of last century!

The strong will of manufacturers from “Haut-Jura” not to stay isolated in the mountain gives birth to this railroad project in the 1860’s. In order to convince the Government, a few men start themselves the construction and finance the railroad. The first path connecting “Andelot” to “La Cluse” and passing through “Morez” is finally inaugurated on August 10th 1912.

Not less than 36 tunnels and 22 viaducts can be found along the line and offer the passengers wonderful and vertiginous landscapes from the “Dole” plains to the “Haut Jura” mountains and passing through the vineyards.

The National Railroad Company (“SNCF”) classifies this line among its touristic trains and has changed the old railcars for new comfortable trains with large windows.

All together, the tourism offices of “Morez”, “Dole” and “Saint Claude” work to make special touristic offers all year long.

Things to know:
The railroad part connecting Morbier to Morez gives passengers an outstanding and uncommon view above Morez but also constitutes a technical wizardry, so far unequaled. Indeed, both cities are only 1,5km apart “birdflight” but with a 150m difference in altitude! This makes a 5km track on the hillside crossing 3 viaducts and a 1500m horseshoe shape tunnel.
The advice from our Tourism Office:
During summer and winter seasons, guided and commented tours are organized and will help you fully appreciate your excursion. In between these periods, you can travel individually on the track during regular train time schedules (information in stations or tourism offices).
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