Ski Joëring et activités équestres pour tous - Ferme équestre de la Pelaisse


The Pelaisse horse farm, located in the heart of nature, on the edge of the fir trees, offers you the possibility of being immediately immersed in a calm environment conducive to walks. La Ferme de la Pelaisse is: disconnection, conviviality, wild and unspoiled nature! The horses of La Pelaisse...

Centre Équestre Tinguely


Initiation, improvement, walks, hikes, ski joëring, horse-drawn carriage tour (heated and lighted) with meal from the bag Open all year round from Monday to Saturday 9am-12pm and 2pm-7pm.


Gaïa Loisirs - Activités Équestres, Stages et cours de loisirs, Randonnées et balades


Accompanied horse rides from 1h30 to 3h on reservation, from 11 years old (9 years old for the riders) Lessons and horseback riding courses in the arenas all year round, rides in the forest at the end of the course Donkey rental from 15/04 to 15/11 (1/2 or full day). Pony or donkey riding in the...

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