Bike Park de Longchaumois


/Attention, partial closure of the !!!! website.

The TGV, Easy Ride and Montagnes Russes trails are no longer accessible. Access to the top of the Bike Park is only possible from the bottom of the Woodies Rock, Jody Jumper and Source de plaisir runs, following the path accessible to pedestrians.
Access to the operations area is strictly forbidden.

A free, innovative and unique facility in the Jura!

Designed and laid out by François Bailly-Maître, an experienced mountain biker (two-time winner of La Forestière) from the village, this area has been designed to suit everyone, whatever their level on a mountain bike.

At the starting point, a signpost lists all the trails. They are all signposted and safe, for the greatest comfort of users.

A learning zone is available right from the start: steps, footbridges, banked bends... so many technical and fun workshops to help novices learn the ropes and gain confidence on their mountain bikes.

This section gives you a good idea of some of the difficulties you'll encounter on the whole area: 6 itineraries for all levels.


lieu-dit Les Combes

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