Atelier le Verre de Voûte


Langue parlée : Anglais

Workshop for the creation, restoration and protection of stained glass windows. Discover the profession of stained glass artist with Cyril Micol.

Stained glass art in traditional technique since 2005:
- creation of decorative or sacred stained glass windows
- restoration of heritage or religious stained glass windows
- personal techniques: stained glass vases, glass frosting, glass screen printing, sandblasting.

The craftsman also makes original products:
- kitrail®: stained glass model,
- kaleioo : kaleidoscope in kit,
- zzle" (pronounced [zeul]): glass puzzles.
It also has a catalogue of trophies (for sports, associations, twinning, companies, etc.) and a catalogue of educational activities for children.

Trainer at the Savoir-faire workshop in Ravilloles. Various courses offered during the year: stained glass discovery day, stained glass macedoine, traditional stained glass techniques, stained glass in the Mondrian style.

Free guided tour of the workshop on reservation.

The visit lasts about 45 minutes. After a demonstration and a time of exchange, three showroom and shop areas await you.

Possibility of group visits (up to 26 people - price: 4.50€ / person).
Free for individuals and families.

Product prices :

Kitrail - stained glass model: 25€.
Kaleioo - kaleidoscope kit: 20€.
Zzle? - glass puzzle : 15€ (in french)
Stained glass windows in shop, various objects: 40€.


  Min Max Information(s) complementaire(s)
Group rate - -
Individual rate, without discount

Moyen de paiement : Cheques and postal orders, Cash, Paypal, Bank transfers

Dates and time

By appointment only.




26 Grande Rue

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