École de ski - Glisses Nordiques


Langue parlée : Anglais Chèques vacances acceptés

A wide range of Nordic ski lessons and activities, supervised by Nordic ski professionals, on one of the most renowned sites in Europe..
- Nordic ski school, classic, skating, ski touring, snowshoeing, etc
- Children's courses
- Race preparation
- Biathlon (teens / adults)

Everyone can find a course to suit him or her: children from 4 years old, beginner adults, up to sportsmen and women wishing to prepare for the Transjurassienne!

Reception of groups, clubs, schools, associations, families, seminars...

The school is open every day during the winter season: from Christmas holidays to the end of March. From November if the slopes are open.


Moyen de paiement : American Express, Credit card, Payment cards, Cheques and postal orders, Holiday vouchers, Cash, Eurocard - Mastercard, Bank transfers, Visa

Dates and time

For days and times, please phone


30 route des pâturages

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