Belvédère sur les Lacs



Superb point of view, below the Roche Bernard belvedere. It is located on the path overlooking the lakes easily accessible.

This point of view represents an interesting opportunity to immerse oneself in the panorama discovered above.
Here we descend into the observation scales and enter into the detail of the landscape.

Peat bogs and lakes are close at hand, you can see details that do not appear from the heights ...

Points of interest
• Peatlands and biotope protection zone
• Witness loss of the karstic nature of the soils: the water resurface at the Blue Hole in Morez
• Lakes of Bellefontaine and des Mortes
• Organic farming and pastures

A 10.5 km hiking path starting from Bellefontaine allows you to go around it by foot or by mountain bike.

The Life Tourbières program
This program aims to restore the natural functioning of peat bogs on the scale of a large part of the Jura massif. 412 peatlands representing around 4000 ha are currently listed on the scale of the Jura massif (64 in Switzerland, 100 in Ain, 248 in Doubs and Jura).

The major interest for biodiversity that these environments represent today no longer needs to be demonstrated. These play multiple roles, especially in the water cycle.

You can contribute to the preservation of peatlands and the preservation of these exceptional natural sites too :
- stay on the hiking routes,
- keep your waste with you
- wild camping or bivouac forbidden

For the conservation of these sensitive natural spaces essential to life on our planet.



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