Belvédère de la Corbière



The Corbière belvedere offers a transversal point of view over the Bienne valley.

The bottom of the valley, narrow and inaccessible, forms heavily wooded gorges. The Bienne itself is barely visible, but its course can be read by the mist that rises from it in the morning in cold weather.

Opposite, as presented for a show, we discover a characteristic valley landscape. We first see the succession of steps and geological layers interspersed with limestone cliffs, which have been sculpted over time by the Bienne. The Hirondelles railway and the RD437 draw clearly visible lines, parallel to the geological layers.

We then distinguish a clearly legible agricultural system. Around the villages of Villard sur Bienne and La Rixouse, the ledges between the gorges of the Bienne and wooded hillsides at the top of the valley are occupied by open spaces interspersed with hedges and groves.

The belvedere site, jutting out onto a cliff, offers a gripping experience of emptiness and space.

Also to be noted, a rich sound environment: river, birds, train ...

Points of interest
• Access path punctuated by lapiaz
• The life of "those below", the up / down paths
• the agricultural landscape and the forested hillsides,
• the cradle of the Morezien mills
• the raptors of the cliffs,
• the distribution of forest species
• the geological formation of the gorges



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