In order to admire the numerous panoramas that our mountainous area offers, panoramic viewpoints have been laid out. They are all reachable by walk if you take a waymarked path and they can also been reached close by car.


Belvédère du Sacré Coeur


This belvedere, while it offers a less spectacular view than the higher sites, is no less interesting since it is located in the heart of the landscape it offers to discover. Located on the bend of one of the small hills formed by moraine deposits, the Sacré Coeur dominates grasslands and...

Belvédère du Cuvet


Panorama over the Bienne valley. ou can see the descent of the river towards Saint Claude by the Noire Combe. The Gorges of Bienne are starting to widen from the Roche Blanche hydroelectric station ... Not far away, you can also reach the Pissevieille waterfall. Sound site: from here listen to...


Belvédère du Béchet


Le Béchet is the third belvedere overlooking Morez and the Bienne valley (Belvedere of the Rock of Dade and belvedere of Roche Brûlée). Located to the south of the city, it dominates it from the woodlands that cover the edges of the Longchaumois plateau. Oriented mainly to the north, located...


Belvédère la Roche à la Dame


Located a little lower than the Crottes balcony, it opens onto the valley of Morez. This point of view is easier to access than the Balcon des Crottes. Not far from the center of the village of Morbier, you can reach it from the path behind the church of Morbier and passing under the viaduct. From...


Belvédère du Bévet


The site is not as high up as the other lookouts. However, it offers a wide panorama over the countryside and the pastures of La Mouille. This viewpoint is interesting in that it allows you to see the whole of the area, since you can see a large part of the commune of La Mouille from the...