Exposition "L'excentrique collection de Monsieur Landolt"


The Eyewear Museum opens its new exhibition "The Eccentric Collection of Mr. Landolt" on May 1, 2021, and features a rare donation received in 2020. The exhibition highlights the exceptional collection of Swiss lynetaphile (eyewear collector) "Martin Landolt"

Acquired by donation, it consists of 1,400 items: eyeglasses, optical instruments and engravings. It covers four centuries of history, from the 17th to the 20th century, and includes various types of objects, materials and styles that make up its richness. For the first time, the public will discover this gift through a presentation of the most remarkable pieces.

The museum opens its doors wide
After a long period of closure, the public will have the opportunity to return (at last) to the museum, and even to discover the backstage. This event will be an opportunity to offer visitors an immersion in the mysterious world of museums and the head of operations: the curator. The missions of this character, who is often imagined to be old, bearded and busy dusting off antiques, are enigmatic. But it is nothing of the sort!

Become a museum curator for a visit

A participatory tour
The job of a curator is captivating. It is similar to that of a forensic investigator who is constantly on the lookout for clues and evidence to reconstruct the history of an object. With this exhibition, you can investigate in the place of the curator by studying some remarkable pieces from the exceptional Landolt collection.


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