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Exposition : " Morez 1900 "


Discover the Morez of the early 20th century.

100 years earlier, Pierre-Hyacinthe Cazeaux made the first French eyeglass. More than ever, the town shines in the eyes of the whole world. Relive the golden age of the French eyewear capital, whose strong image of an industrial city makes us forget the daily life of this population which develops an active, family and social life, according to the events of French history. Technical innovations, the effervescence of daily life, leisure activities and sports are presented in a double exhibition. Fashion, furniture, paintings, art objects and photographs plunge visitors into the Morez of the Belle Epoque; explore it by pushing open the door of a household or by strolling through the narrow streets of Morez.


Musée de la Lunette
Place Jean Jaurès

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